Cognivue Cognitive Screenings

What are Cognivue Cognitive Screenings?

In recent years evidence has been accumulating linking age-related hearing loss to more rapid progression of cognitive decline, and therefore incidental dementia. Long term hearing deprivation (hearing loss that is left untreated) can impact cognitive performance by decreasing quality of communication. Hearing loss makes it difficult to understand speech, particularly in noisy environments. Often this leads to social isolation, anxiety and depression which can accelerate the onset of dementia. There are many factors that impact cognition and overall wellness, but the good news is you can take steps to manage these risk factors!

The cognitive screening is a 5–10 minute self-administered test that evaluates your memory, visuospatial skills, and executive function. The speech in noise test is performed with the audiologist and allows us to identify if your auditory system functions well or poorly, when presented with more challenging listening environments.

Cognivue Cognitive Screening

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