Dr Nally, I love my hearing aids! The best I’ve ever had. What a service you are supplying for the public! There are so many people whose needs are like mine. Your hearing aids are enriching my life so much; therefore whenever and wherever I go (and I still go at 90 years old), I will make people aware of you so they can benefit too.


I went in to stop my wife from saying I had an issue hearing. Found out I had pretty significant hearing loss for a 43 year old. A set of hearing aids was ordered, programmed and I was taught how to use and maintain them. I was able to hear my youngest grandson cooing as a baby. You don’t know what you are missing when you can’t hear it. Can’t say anything but good things about Dr. Lynda and her staff Valerie and Venia, they are caring and compassionate through the entire process.


I just wanted to thank you for finding the perfect hearing aid system for me. As my hearing loss progressed, it became harder to hear, and it became very stressful for me. My new hearing aids have enabled me to hear quite clearly on the phone, and it truly has improved the quality of my life. I am grateful for the care and patience you have shown me.

Cheryl Y.

I love my new hearing aids! (Siemens Mi5’s with Minitek) I can hear so much better and I love that the sound comes directly to my ears. (Minitek Bluetooth feature) Thank you!

Michael G.

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