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What to Expect

We want your visit with us to be as stress free as possible. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you do finally make the decision to come in and see us!

Hearing Aids

The truth is, if you are hearing impaired, you will benefit from wearing hearing aids, period. How much benefit will depend on many factors.


The Hearing Quiz

Unsure if your hearing is affecting your everyday life? Take our hearing quiz for a little more insight on how your hearing may be having a negative impact.

“I went in to stop my wife from saying I had an issue hearing. Found out I had pretty significant hearing loss for a 43 year old. A set of hearing aids was ordered, programmed and I was taught how to use and maintain them. I was able to hear my youngest grandson cooing as a baby. You don’t know what you are missing when you can’t hear it. Can’t say anything but good things about Dr. Lynda and her staff Valerie and Venia, they are caring and compassionate through the entire process.”


What Are The Odds I Have Hearing Loss?

via What Are The Odds I Have Hearing Loss? – CaptionCall You’ve been fit as a fiddle your whole life. What are the odds you could actually have hearing loss? According to researchers, chances are really high.  Dr. Frank R. Lin, MD, Ph.D at Johns Hopkins Center on...